Family Theater

                 The Legacy starring Rhonda Fleming and Margaret Lindsey

(3.5 Meg .mp3 file)

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Screen Directors Playhouse

The Great Lover Starring Rhonda Fleming and Bob Hope taped 3/22/51

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There is another sound file with Rhonda in


Jean Parrish Interview

This is a 90 second interview by Jean Parrish during the filming of Crosswinds.  Taped in 1950.

(1.3 Megs)

Jean Parrish Interview with Rhonda


Horace Heidt Interview

2013 interview by Horace Heidt on

Starts at 1 hour

(21 megs)


Starts at 1:04

(24 megs)


The Bob Hope Radio Show

This is the Christmas episode of the Bob Hope Radio show.  It aired on December 20, 1949.  The guests are Rhonda Fleming, Doris Day, Irene Ryan, and  Bing Crosby.

  (7 meg .mp3 file)


The Bing Crosby Radio Show

Guest stars were Johnny Mercer and Rhonda Fleming.  It aired on May 18, 1949.

(3.4 Meg .mp3 file)

Bing Crosby


Stars Over Hollywood

Aired on November 24, 1951. Guest starred Rhonda Fleming

(3.4 Meg .mp3 file )

Three is an Odd Number


The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Radio Show

Aired on February, 18, 1952. Guest Starred Rhonda Fleming.

(3.5 Meg .mp3 file)



Treasury Dept. Show 

aired in 1952    (7 megs)


Interview with Rhonda from May 31, 2012

(15 megs)


Interview with Rhonda from August 25, 2012


(16 megs)


Inteview with Rhonda from "Swinging Down the Lane"

with Hoace heidt  (4-17-2013)\horace-heidt-pt1.mp3

(interview starts at 1:00)

(interview starts at 1:05


                                                         Some Songs from Rhonda's CD


Complete show from The Dinah! show aired on July 5, 1977.  Guests are Rhonda Fleming, Bob Hope, Rosemary Clooney, Lucille Ball, and Jane Russell.

                  (233 megs)


                               Rhonda at Carroll Righter's Birthday Party - February 2, 1984


                       (82 megs)

                       (96 megs)

                       (54 megs)


   The "Spirit of 45" event took place on August 14, 2010.  Rhonda Fleming attended,  with   

                                          Carol Channing and Margaret O'Brien.

                    (98 megs)


                                   Ellery Queen Episode: The Adventures of the Mad Tea Party

                       (270 megs)


                                                         Trailer for "The Golden Hawk"   (7.9 megs)


                                               Images of Rhonda  (7 megs)


Rhonda sings "Don't Blame Me" in 1952  (17 megs)


Images of Rhonda  (17 megs)


Rhonda on "What's My Line?"

Complete show

Rhonda appears on file 2  (54 megs)  (47 megs)


Scene from "Pony Express"  (8 megs)


Rhonda and Bing in "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"   (15 megs)


Rhonda and Don Adams in "The Nude Bomb"   (8.9 megs)


Complete episode: Wagon Train "The Jennifer Churchill Story"   (111 megs)   (103 megs)


Complete episode Rawhide: The Patience Miller Story  (47 megs)  (47 megs)  (47 megs)  (47 megs)   (47 megs)


Trailer for "Cry Danger"   (5.1 megs)


Rhonda sings "Under Paris Skies"   (4.7 megs)


Tribute to Rhonda  (18 megs)  (17 megs)


        Rhonda discusses the restoration of "Cry Danger" on the opening night of the    

                         American Cinematheque's 12th Annual Festival of Film Noir

                         (39 megs)

                         (35 megs)

                             (37 megs)

                         (53 megs)  


"The Killer is Loose" Complete film   (357 megs)


"Cry Danger" Complete film    (306 megs)


"The Redhead and the Cowboy" Complete film  (374 megs)


"While the City Sleeps" Complete film   (431 megs)


"Abilene Town" Complete film  (412 megs)


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                (2.2 megs)


               (6 megs)

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WMV Files

                                                        Trailer for "Inferno".

                    (4.7 megs)


                    Rhonda on "Wagon Train" episode: The Sandra Cummings Story"

                    (36 megs)

                        (23 megs)


                                 Robert Fuller on Rhonda's "Wagon Train" episode.


                   (23 megs)


Trailer for "Jivaro".

                  (5.9 megs)


Trailer for "Those Redheads From Seattle".

                     (5.6 megs)


                                               Trailer for "Tennessee's Partner".    (18 megs)


Trailer for "Slightly Scarlet"    (18 megs)


Trailer for "Gun Glory"   (17 megs)


Hong Kong, episode: "The Woman in Gray" clips  (22 megs)  (30 megs)  (25 megs)  (19 megs)


                                                 Rhonda Fleming in "Spellbound"    (25 megs)


Rhonda discusses her career and role in "Spellbound"   (84 megs)


Trailer for "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"   (20 megs)


Scene from "Alias Jesse James"    (67 megs)    (27 megs)


Scene from "The Spiral Staircase"    (8 megs)  (49 megs)   


Scenes from "The Great Lover"
    (78 megs)
     (44 megs)


Rhonda on the Bob Hope Special from September 1966.

Also featured are Marilyn Maxwell and Arlene Dahl.    (50 megs)


Rhonda on the Bob Hope Show (aired 11/24/57)

                (25 megs)

                      (85 megs)


                                          Rhonda on the Bob Hope Show (aired 12/11/59)

                        (82 megs)

                            (23 megs)


Rhonda on the Red Skelton Show  (85 megs)  (78 megs)


Rhonda with Robert Mitchum in "Out of the Past"   (19 megs)


This 1954 clip from the Colgate Comedy Hour features Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming, Beryl Davis, and Connie Haines singing some gospel songs.

          (23 megs)


                                           Rhonda dancing in "Queen of Babylon"

              (22 megs)


            Two clips from The Colgate Comedy Hour with Abbott and Costello - 1/13/52

                    (24 megs)

                           (27 megs)


                  The Colgate Comedy Hour complete episode 5/15/55 with Rhonda,

                         Gordon  MacRae, and Abbott and  Costello.   Filmed

                                  at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

                       (388 megs)


                                                          Clip 1: Rhonda discusses her career.

                                     Clip 2 Rhonda talks about faith, hope, and marriage.   (15 megs)    (19 megs)


                                          Rhonda on "Kung Fu" episode: "Ambush"  (12 megs)   (7 megs)


Rhonda on "The Love Boat"  (15 megs)     (9 megs)


                           Rhonda on "Police Woman" episode: "Anatomy of 2 Rapes"  (11 megs)  (51 megs)


                                                  Rhonda in "Love for Rent"

                   (12 megs)

                         (12 megs)

                   (10 megs)



                                                             Mp4 Files

Rhonda on "What's My Line"  (23.3 megs)


Images of Rhonda  (25 megs)


"Inferno" Complete film   (362 megs)


Lustre Creme Commercials  (21 megs)  (2.5 megs)


Rhonda in "Gunfight at the OK Corral"   (20 megs)


                                             Trailer for "Revolt of the Slaves"

                       (9 megs)


                                               Clips from "Revolt of the Slaves"

                       (12 megs)

                       (10 megs)

                       (15 megs)

                       (12 megs)

                       (30 megs)


                                        Rhonda Sings"Around The World" in 1957.

                 (12 megs)


 Rhonda interviewed after the premiere of "The Cross" at the Grauman's Chinese Theater.

                          (16 megs)


                                                                     Images of Rhonda

          (8.9 megs)


                                                                    Images of Rhonda

                 (6.5 megs)


                                                         Trailer for "Serpent of the Nile"

               (6.6 megs)


Rhonda on "The Patsy"   (2.8 megs)


The Virginian: "We've Lost  A Train"  (719 megs)


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