Debra Paget in 3-D

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Animated GIF of Debra


Debra Paget Sings!

"Strange Are the Ways of Love" was converted to a digital file - just for  you.

I'd like to thank Dennis Constant of Rancho Mirage, California for 

converting  the lp track into a digital file and for enhancing it.



Radio Plays

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Family Theater

The Indispensable Man hosted by Lisa Gaye, starring Robert Stack and Debra Paget. 

(taped on 02/11/53)

The Indispensable Man   (4.9 megs)


Lux Radio Theater

I'll Never Forget You starring Tyrone Power and Debra Paget (taped on 02/22/53)

I'll Never Forget You   (9.4 megs)


Les Miserables starring Ronald Colman and Debra Paget (taped on 12/22/52)

Les Miserables  (8.3 megs)


 Broken Arrow starring Burt Lancaster and Debra Paget (taped on 01/22/51)

Broken Arrow (10 megs)


Broken Arrow starring Jimmy Stewart and Debra Paget  

Broken Arrow 2  (28 megs)


Deadline USA starring Dan Daily and Debra Paget (taped 04/20/53)

Deadline USA (13 megs)


Stars Over Hollywood starring Debra Paget

His First Mate   (14 megs)

Aired 9/20/52


There are  videos with Debra at

Debra owned a 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille which she decorated with rhinestone jewels. This was long before Title Max title loans existed, but undoubtedly such a unique vehicle would have been appraised at a high value. A car's value should be directly related to the amount awarded in a Title Max loan