dvd-vidscans from The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments Theme on mp3   (7 megs)


  The Ten Commandments 1966 Trailer     (8 megs) (wmv)

  The Ten Commandments 1989 Trailer    (12 megs) (wmv)

                                      The Ten Commandments Featurette       (83 megs) (wmv)


Debra's Prophecy


              You need a flash player to view .flv videos.  Here are 2 you can pick from.

                           www.debra-paget.com/free-flv-player.exe            (1.5 megs)

                           www.debra-paget.com/flvplayer4free_setup.exe  (1.5 megs)

The WMV files will play on your Windows Media Player.


                     http://www.debra-paget.com/GOMPLAYERENSETUP.EXE  (6 megs)

                              These are extra codecs for the GOM player.

                                      www.debra-paget.com/coreaacSetup.exe    (253k)


   There are more videos wth Debra at






Radio plays are in



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