Prophecy From TBN
Debra Paget

The other night on TBN, I heard a prophecy that was given by God the Father to a movie actress by the name of Debra Paget. She said this prophecy was given to her awhile back ago when she was going through some rough times. She went ahead and read it over the air for those who may also be going through some rough times.

For what it is worth, I'd thought I'd give this prophecy to you just as I heard it over the air. As I have said before, a prophecy is a direct word from the Lord and it is the greatest of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whenever you run across one that is really from the Lord, you are to treasure it and keep it if it has been recorded. Nothing is greater than receiving a direct word from God Himself.

I had a good witness that this prophecy really was from God. You will all have to get your own witness as to whether or not you feel this prophecy is really from the Lord.

Prophecy From God the Father

This prophecy came to her in the form of a poem. Most of it beautifully rhymes. Here is the exact prophecy given to this woman by the Lord Himself.

"Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. He who has an ear, let him hear.

Beware of the consequences of a failing heart. Beware of the end result of a backward fall. Beware of the meaningless times spent in frivolity and pleasure. Beware of the coming night. Beware of the time spent here and there seeking Me not, nor My will to forebear.

Hear not the voice of My Spirit, and then say to Me not, that you're falling away. Seek only My Word, My Spirit, My Voice, and spend time in My presence and seek no other choice. For only with Me may your life be enriched, for only by Me can you not be bewitched.

Be quiet, be still, be strong in My will. Be firm, be devout and you will not be without. For I am your God, your Father, your Shepherd. Would I lead you to wander as sheep to the leopard?

Go forward in Me - not backwards you see. In the might of My power, you'll be strong in that hour. That hour when Satan comes in like a flood, I'll lift you above it by the power of My Blood.

So don't be afraid, but move forward I say, forward, forward, I say and you'll soon see the glory of the coming day. When victory shall triumph over sorrow and grief, and the army of God shall give forth His relief. To a body of believers fighting tooth and toenail, and the Spirit of Truth and Grace shall prevail.

The Spirit of God moving deep down within, having cleansed and removed from his body the presence of sin. So trust in the Lord, the power of His might, give way to the Spirit, to fill you with Light.

For the Spirit of God moves upon and within, to keep you from harm, to keep you from sin. Be still in the night, be still in the day. Learn to hear His voice, which comes from within. Be restless for victory, be anxious to win.

Be firm in your faith, stand strong in the wind. The wind that will blow and upset all of your plans, seemingly lost in the hands of a man. But don't be discouraged and don't lack in your faith, for the Spirit of God shall put the wind to waste. Know deep down within, that We flow from your being, and nothing can conquer the Trinity's leading.

For the Father, the Son and the sweet Holy Spirit shall move on your problem, to conquer and to win. But your part is needed to bring it to pass, so put on your armor, to fight and stand fast. Stand fast on the promises, even by gosh, there all yours to take, on the devil to tread.

For he can't stand against the faithfulness of God. The faithfulness that keeps you from straying abroad. That keeps you upon His path - like an arrow flung from a bow down the path that's so narrow.

I Am, that has spoken My Word. So cling to it, the promises are yours if you believe it. Promises for you, for your loved ones, for all. The things that beset you and cause you to fall. Stand fast in the Word, stand strong in My Spirit. Be quick to obey, the moment you hear it. For the Spirit will quicken to your heart a promise, and then teach you to stand from minute to minute.

So don't be afraid when the enemy threatens, but stand in your armor and hold up your weapons. Walk into battle and when it's finished, the victory you'll have, because we will win it."

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