Debra Paget Filmography


Cry of the City (1948)

Mother is a Freshman (1949)

It Happens Every Spring (1949)

House of Strangers (1949)

Broken Arrow (1950)

Anne of the Indies(1951)

Bird of Paradise (1951)

Fourteen Hours (1951)

Belles on Their Toes (1952)

Les Miserables (1952)

The Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)

Princess of the Nile (1954)

The Gambler from Natchez (1954)

Prince Valiant (1954)

White Feather (1955)

Seven Angry Men (1955)

Love Me Tender (1956)

The Last Hunt (1956)

Omar Khayyam (1957)

The River's Edge (1957)

From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

Why Must I Die? (1960)

Journey to the Lost City (1958) German (condensed from The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb (German names: Der Tiger Von Eschnapur and Das Indische Grabmal)

Cleopatra's Daughter (Italy, 1960) Italian name: Sepolchro Dei Re

The Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961)

The Mercenaries (1962) Italy - aka Rome, 1585 (Italian title: I Masnadieri)

Tales of Terror (1962)

The Haunted Palace (1963)


Television Appearances


 The Colgate Comedy Hour - Played herself 

 (season 5, episode 9) 

 (Air   date  11/28/1954) 

 The Colgate Comedy Hour - (Season 5, episode 20)  

 Played herself (air date 3/13/55)  

 Comedy Classic - Now on DVD 


The Perry Como Show - broadcast ?

Premiere Performance - (hostess for the 39-week series of 20th Century Fox films)  1957

The Milton Berle Show - (June 5,1956)  (in a skit with Elvis Presley)

Climax -  Played Maria in episode "The Man Who Lost His Head" (episode 2.40) broadcast 7/26/1956 (CBS)

20th Century Fox Hour - played Mary Connors in episode "A Gun in His Hand" broadcast 4/04/1956 (CBS) (episode 1.13)

Climax - Played Natalie in episode "Carnival at Midnight" broadcast 1/03/1957 (episode 3.12) (CBS)

Wagon Train - played Marie Dupree in episode "The Marie Dupree Story" episode 1.25 broadcast 3/19/1958 (NBC)

Cimmaron City -  played Margaret in episode "Beauty and the Sorrow" episode 1.18 broadcast 2/07/1959 (NBC) 

Wagon Train - in episode played Angela DeVarga in "The Stagecoach Story" episode 3.1 9/30/59 (NBC)

Man and the Challenge - episode "Invisible Force" broadcast 10/17/1959 (NBC)  (episode 1.6)  Played Liza Dantes

Dupont Show with June Allyson  - played Eve Barnes in episode "No Place to Hide" broadcast 12/21/1959 (episode 1.13) (CBS)

Rawhide -  played Estuella Briscoe in episode "Hostage Child" episode 4.22 broadcast 3/9/62

The Millionaire - episode "Millionaire Mara Robinson" broadcast 4/26/1960 (CBS)  (episode 6.31)

Johnny Ringo - played Agnes St. John in episode "East is East" (episode 1.14) Broadcast 1/07/1960 (CBS)

Rawhide - played Laura Ashley in "Incident in the Garden of Eden" broadcast 6/17/1960 (episode 2.31)

Tales of Wells Fargo - episode played Kate Timmons in "Man of Another Breed" (episode 6.10) broadcast 12/02/1961 (NBC)

Burke's Law - episode "Who Killed Eleanora Davis?" (episode 1.13) broadcast 12/20/1963 (NBC) Played Juliet

Burke's Law - episode "Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?" played Helen Harper (episode 2.20 broadcast 2/03/1965 (NBC) (Season 2, Episode 20)

Riverboat - played Lela Candida in episode "The Unwilling" (episode 1.5) Broadcast 10/11/1959

The Steve Allen Show   Episode #4.26 (1959) 

The Tony Bennett Show    Episode #1.1 (1956) 



The Pajama Game with Robert Goulet (1959)


Source: The Complete Actors' Television Credits, 1948-1988, Second Edition Volume 2: Actresses by James Robert Parish & Vincent Terrace. The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Metuchen, N.J. & London 1990