Flash Videos


The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

episode: "A Piece of the Action"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/hitchcock.flv  (267 megs)


Rawhide S01E08

Incident West of Lano

wwww.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/Rawhide.mp4    (285 megs)


Public Defender S02E03

Episode:  "The Big Race"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/The.Big.Race.mp4   (305 megs)


Four Star Playhouse

"Meet a Lonely Man"


 (810 megs)


Photos of Martha

             www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/martha1.flv   (6.5 megs)


                                   The Beverly Hillbillies episode:

                              "The Richest Woman in the World"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/the-richest-woman.flv   (85 megs)


                        Martha in Bewitched - episode "Cat's Meow"


                www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/bewitched1.flv  (13 megs)

           www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/bewitched2.flv  (19 megs)

                 www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/bewitched3.flv   (15 megs)

                 www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/bewitched4.flv  (14 megs)

                                                     (in color)

            www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/bewitched5.avi (11 meg)


                                    Lustre Creme Commercial


           www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/hyercomm.flv  (2.9 megs)


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WMV Videos


Trailer for "First Men in the Moon"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/firstmen.wmv   (27 megs)


Trailer for "Battle Hymn"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/battle-hymn.wmv   (21 megs)


Trailer for "The Sons of Katie Elder"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/katie-trailer.wmv   (25 megs)


Clip from "The Sons of Katie Elder"  

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/katie-clip.wmv  (20 megs)


Clip from "Ice Palace"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/ice-palace.wmv   (24 megs)


Martha in "Dark Three Dark Streets"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/down1.wmv  (31 megs)

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/down2.wmv   (32 megs)

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MP4 Videos

Trailer for "Some Came Running"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/some-came.mp4   (13 megs)


Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater

Episode: Morning Incident


(88 megs)


Day of the Wolves Complete Film


(354 megs)


Kraft Suspense Theater

Episode "Four Into Zero"


(149 megs)


Kraft Suspense Theater

  Episode "Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am"

Episode "Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am"


(183 megs)


Martha on "Amos Burke: Secret Agent"

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/martha-sings.mp4   (23 megs)


The Beverly Hillbillies (S4)

The Richest Woman in the World

www.debra-paget.com/marthahyer/richest-woman.avi  (183 megs)