Birthday: March 6, 1935, Denver, Colorado

Born Liza Gaye Griffin

Height 5'5" Measurements 36-24-36, Weight 125 lbs.

Married, August 1955

Sister of Debra Paget



Hawaiian Nights (1953)

Magnificent Obsession (1954) (uncredited)

The Glenn Miller Story (1954) (uncredited)

Drums Along the River (1954)

Ain't Misbehavin (1955) (uncredited)

Shake, Rattle, and Rock (1956)

Rock Around the Clock (1956)

10 Thousand Bedrooms (1957)

Frontier Rangers (1959)

Face of Terror (1959)

The Sign of Zorro (1960) - From 2 Zorro episodes

Night of Evil (1962)

Man in Outer Space (1964)

Castle of Evil (1966)

The Violent Ones (1967)

Valley of Mystery aka Stranded (1967)


TV Appearances

The Burns and Allen Show (Ronnie Burns Girlfriend)

Love that Bob (1955) as Colette DeBois

How to Marry a Millionaire ('58-'59) 2nd season as Gwen Kirby

The Flying Nun (?)

I Dream of Jeannie (1965) as Daisy Lou in episode "U.F.Oh Jeannie" (episode #4)

The Wild, Wild, West (1965) as Lana Beninson in "Night of the Falcon"(episode #3.10)

Get Smart (1965) as "Miss Smith" in episode "The Mummy (episode #1.19)

The Time Tunnel (1966) as "Ahza" in episode "The Walls of Jericho" (episode # 1.20)

Annie Oakley (1954) episode "Annie and the Lacemaker" (episode #3.7)

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) episode "Trapline" (episode #1.5)

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956) episode "Spanish Intrigue" (episode #1.23)

It's a Great Life (1956) NBC

Have Gun Will Travel (1957) as "Helen Abajinan" in episode "Helen of Abajnian" (episode #1.16)

Tombstone Territory (1957) in episode "Grave Near Tombstone" (episode #2.11)

Colt .45 (1957) in episode "Law West of the Pecos" (episode #2.10)

Tombstone Territory (1957) in episode "The Tin Gunman" (episode #1.27)

The Californians (1957) in episode "The Man Who Owned San Francisco" (episode #2.14)

Have Gun Will Travel (1957) episode "Gun Shy" (episode #1.29)

Zorro (1957) as "Constancia" in episode "The Fall of Monastario" (episode #1.13)

Bat Masterson (1958) as "Lori Dowling" in episode "Sharpshooter" (episode #1.17)

Northwest Passage (1958) episode "Surprise Attack" (episode #1.4)

Northwest Passage (1958) episode "The Gunsmith" (episode #1.3)

The Wild, Wild, West (1965) as "Lorelei" in episode "Night of the Skulls" (episode #2.13)

Perry Mason (1957) as Laraine Keely in episode "Case of the Vanishing Victim" (episode #9.17)

Perry Mason (1957) as "Pamela Blair" in episode "Case of the Nautical Knot" (episode #8.6)

Perry Mason (1957) as "Joyce Hadley" in episode "Case of the Wednesday Woman" (episode #7.13)

Perry Mason (1957) as "Alyssa Laban" in episode "Case of the Two-Faced Turnabout" (episode #6.18)

Hawaiian Eye (1959) as "Adrienne Abbott" in episode "Boar Hunt" (episode #4.17)

Surfside 6 (1960) as Henri in episode "Green Bay Riddle" (episode #2.31)

Bronco (1958) in episode "One Evening in Abilene" (episode #4.13)

Hawaiian Eye (1959) as Princess Suv in episode "Year of Grace" (episode #3.18)

Laramie (1959) in episode "Perfect Gift, The" (episode #3.14)

Perry Mason (1957) as "Rita Magover" in episode "The Case of the Traveling Treasure" (episode #5.8)

Perry Mason (1957) as "Lola Bronson" in episode "The Case of the Guilty Clients" (episode #4.28)

Bat Masterson (1958) in episode "The Fatal Garment" (episode #3.33

77 Sunset Strip (1958) as "Samantha Hoyt in episode "Old Card Sharps Never Die" (episode #3.29)

Wagon Train (1957) in episode "The Tiburcio Mendez Story" (episode #4.26)

Maverick (1957) as "Soledad" in episode "A State of Siege" (episode #4.16)

Rawhide (1959) as "Odette Laurier" in episode "Incident of the Slavemaster" ( episode 3.5)

Cheyenne (1955) in episode "Counterfeit Gun" (episode #5.2)

Cheyenne (1955) in episode "Outcast of Cripple Creek" (episode #4.11)

Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958) as "Susan" in episode "Journey for Josh" (episode 3.3)

Bat Masterson (1958) in episode "Buffalo Kill" (episode #1.36)

Mr Lucky (1959) as "Sherry Beaumont" in episode "The Brain Picker" (episode #1.16)

Pony Express (1959) in episode "The Peace Offering" (episode #1.7)

Black Saddle (1959) in episode "Client: McQueen" (episode #1.3)

Sea Hunt (19??) in episode "Hermes" aka "Jupiter Rex"

Tales of Wells Fargo (1962) "Kelly's Glover Girls"

Tales of Wells Fargo (1962) "The Dowry"