Screen Directors Playhouse

The Paleface starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell   (10 megs)


The Bob Hope

Starring Jane Russell and William Holden  (8 megs)


Flash File

     Here's a montage of photos.   Song is "Cuando, 

 Cuando, Cuando" sung by Engelbert Humperdinck.


                                                     (7.8 megs)            



                                Clips of Jane from "The French Line"

        (6.8 megs)

         (11 megs)

         (34 megs)


                                                  Tribute to Jane

       (14 megs)


Trailer for "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes"   (13.7 megs)


Trailer for "The Tall Men"   (18 megs)


Clips from "Son of Paleface". (11 megs)  (43 megs)


1954 Commercial for Lustre Creme Shampoo   (3 megs)


Jane singing in "Macao"    (7.5 megs)


Trailer for "The Las Vegas Story"   (7.0 megs)


Trailer for "Underwater"   (6.7 megs)


Commercial for Playtex Bras   (3.9 megs)


French Interview with Jane in '85  (7.5 megs)  (9.4 megs)


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WMV Files


                                    Trailer from "The French Line".


                                                         (5.5 megs)



Trailer from "The Paleface" (8.5 megs)


Trailer for "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"  (21 megs)


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mp4 Files

Images of Jane  (16.4 megs)



Images of Jane    (24 megs)


Documentary about Jane   (152 megs)



Images of Jane   (16 megs)



"Underwater!" Complete Film   (351 megs)



Images of Jane    (9 megs)



Jane on "What's My Line"  (33 megs)   (24 megs)



Jane in "The French Line"  (48 megs)



Jane in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"   (20 megs)



Jane singing with Hoagy Carmichael   (8.8 megs)



1954 Lustre-Creme Commercial with Jane   (5.2 megs)



Jane Discussing Censorship in films  

  (33 megs)


Interview with Jane and Robert Mitchum   (43 megs)  (40 megs)  (41 megs)


Scenes of Jane in "The Outlaw   (25 megs)


Jane in "The French Line"  (22 megs)  (124 megs)  (57 megs)


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