Flash Files

       Roma, Roma, Roma sung by Gina Lollobrigida  (8 megs)


       Clip from "Fast and Sexy"  (4 megs)


       Images of Gina   (20 megs)


       Images of Gina   (16 megs)


       Images of Gina  (7 megs)


       Images of Gina  (12 megs)  


       Images of Gina  (6.4 megs)


       Gina on Italian television in '65   (12.9 megs)


       Gina on Italian Television   (6.7 megs)


       Images of Gina  (7.2 megs)


       Images of Gina   (11.7 megs)


       Images of Gina   (19.2 megs)


        Images of Gina   (32 megs)


       Gina-and-Dean    (6.9 megs)


       Gina dancing in movie   (8.4 megs)


       Gina gives a tour of Rome  (36 megs)


       Clips from "Woman of Straw"  Clip1  Clip 2  

       (10 and 12 megs)


       Death Laid an Egg - Full Feature - dubbed in english 

                                         (289 megs)

       King, Queen, Knave - Full Feature in english  (323 megs)


        Anna of Brooklyn - Full Feature - in italian  (273 megs)


        Scene from "La Spagnola"   (7.6 megs)


           Gina on the Dean Martin Show in 1969   (44 megs)


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                                           WMV files

        Trailer for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"    (15 megs)


        Trailer for "Come September"  (9 megs)


        Trailer for Strange Bedfellows  (20 megs)


       Gina on the Pat Boone show in '57   (50 megs)


       Gina on the Flip Wilson Show  1     (21 megs)

       Gina on the Flip Wilson Show  2     (20 megs)


                                          MP4 files

          Gina on the Dick Cavett Show   (11 megs)


          Images of gina   (12.9 megs)


         Trailer for "Never So Few"   (9.4 megs)


         Trailer for "Trapeze"  (13 megs)


         Interview with Gina in 1991 (in Italian)  (16.4 megs)


        Gina on the Miss Italia contest in '47    (in Italian)  

                                 (5.6 megs)


        Images of Gina   (33 megs)


        Gina on "What's My Line?"   (17.9 megs)

        Gina on different "What's My Line" Show  (100 megs)


        Gina on The Dave Letterman Show in '87   (51 megs)


        Gina on Peruvian television in 1978   (15 megs)


        Trailer for "The World's Most Beautiful Woman"  

                         (In Italian) (27 megs)


        Clip of Gina in "The World's Most Beautiful Woman"  

                         (19 megs) 


        Interview with Gina   (14 megs)


        Images of Gina    (11 megs)


        Trailer for "Bad Mans River"   (12 megs)


        Gina presenting Billy Wilder with an Oscar (6 megs)


        Gina in "The Worlds Most Beautiful Woman"  (7.6 megs)

        Gina in "The Worlds Most Beautiful Woman"  (27 megs)


        Clip from "The Lonely Woman"    (118 megs)


        Clips from "Fanfan la Tulipe"  (1952)

        Clip1   (26 megs)

        Clip2   (37 megs)


        Images of Gina   (17 megs)


        Movie scenes and images of Gina   (50 megs)


        Images of Gina   (12 megs)


        Images of Gina   (27 megs)


        Gina in 1962    (15 megs)


       Gina sings "Besame Mucho"   (9.5 megs)


        Gina sings on Italian television  (12.8 megs)


       Images of Gina  (22 megs)    


       Trailer for La Loi (The law) In French   (13 megs) 


       Various scenes with Gina Pt 1  (45 megs)  Pt 2  

                       (106 megs)  (avi files)


        Gina on Falcon Crest   (19 megs)  (avi file)


        Trailer for "Bad Man's River"   (16 megs)


        Movie scenes with Gina (in Italian) 

        Gina31   (23 megs)   Gina 32  (45 megs)  

        Gina33    (106 megs)


        Gina in "Le Bambole"   Gina35   (12 megs)

        Gina in "Le Bambole"   Gina35b  (49 megs)


         Images of Gina  Gina36    (21 megs)


         Images of Gina  Gina37   (47 megs)


         Gina sings "Besame Mucho  (18.9 megs)


         Gina-Medley (51 megs)


          Clips from Solomon and Sheba (hi-res 1920 x 1080)

          Sheba1 (155 megs)     Sheba 2  (93 megs)  

          Sheba 3  (203 megs)    Sheba 4  (115 megs)   

          Sheba 5  (179 megs)


          Gina with Bob Hope on a USO Christmas show

           www.debra-paget.com/ginalollobrigida/bob-hope.mp4  (27 megs)


          MPEG files

          Scene from "Beat the Devil"


                (65 megs)


            AVI files

         Scene from Un Bellissimo Novembre                                


         (75 megs)


         Scene from Les Belles De Nuit


         (107 megs)


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