Radio Plays

Bob Hope Radio Show guest starring Esther Williams and Margaret Whiting taped

12/25/53 in the Long Beach Veterans Hospital  (7.1 megs)




Flash Videos

Trailer for "Neptunes Daughter" 

 (30 megs)


Trailer for "The Unguarded Moment" 

 (12 megs)


Trailer for "Bathing Beauty"   (9.7 megs)


Esther discusses her career   (42 megs)


MP4 Videos

2 deleted scenes with Esther 

(19.5 megs)


Esther on "What's My Line?"   (30 megs)  (34 megs) .mp4  (33 megs)


Esther on the panel in "What's My Line?"  (42 megs)  (30 megs)  (44 megs)


Trailer for "Fiesta"  

(14 megs)


WMV Videos

Interview with Edward R. Murrow

(63 megs)


Trailer for "Take Me Out To the Ball  Game" 

 (13 megs)


Trailer for "Easy to Wed"  

(19 megs)


Trailer for "On an Island With You"

(20 megs)


Trailer for "Dangerous When Wet"

  (11 megs)


Images of Esther 

 (27 megs)


Images of Esther  

(5.8 megs)


Esther on the Milton Berle Show in 1950  

 (11.8 meg)


2007 Interview with Esther   

(18 megs)



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