Flash Videos


Trailer for "The Barefoot Contessa".

                 www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/contessa.flv (4.6 megs)


  Montage of photos of Ava.

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/avamontage1.flv (3.7 megs)


Tribute to Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-tribute.flv   (21 megs)


Photos of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava2.flv (2.8 megs)


More photos of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava3.flv  (7.0 megs)


Trailer for "Mogambo"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/mogambo.flv  (7.5 megs)


Trailer for "The Angel Wore Red"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/angel-wore.flv   (7.7 megs)


More photos of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava4.flv   (7.5 megs)


Photos of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava5.flv   (5 megs)


More photos of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava6.flv  ( 9.5 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava7.flv   (6.5 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava8.flv  (26 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-legend.flv   (17 megs)


Ava on "What's My Line?"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-line.flv   (12.4 megs)


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                             www.debra-paget.com/free-flv-player.exe  (1.5 megs)

                             www.debra-paget.com/flvplayer4free_setup.exe  (1.5 megs)


WMV Videos

Trailer for "Snows of Kilamanjaro"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-snows.wmv   (28 megs)


Trailer for "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/pandora.wmv    (23 megs)


Trailer for "Bhowani Junction"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/bhowani-trailer.wmv   (14 megs)


Trailer for "Showboat"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/showboat.wmv    (31 megs)


Trailer for "The Sun Also Rises"

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/the-sun.wmv   (30 megs)


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MP4 Videos

Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images.mp4   (12.1 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images2.mp4    (12 megs)


Movie clips with Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images3.mp4   (27.6 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images4.mp4   (14 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images5.mp4   (16 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images6.mp4   (23 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images7.mp4  (11 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images8.mp4   (25 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images9.mp4     (78 megs)


Images of Ava

www.debra-paget.com/avagardner/ava-images10.mp4    (12 megs)


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